Pipe Overview, Photos: Nick Hamilton

Dumping snow is not really ideal conditions for a pipe contest. But that’s what we got at the first stop of the Dew Tour today in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was snowing moderately all morning and right about when the Superpipe finals began, its started puking. Powder was piling up in the bottom of the U-Tube and it put a bit of a damper on the action, for sure. The riders in the final were working pretty hard to carry their speed but they got ‘er done in the end. The whole pipe contest wrapped up just after two, so most of the people who were hanging out for the contest split after awards and got some fresh Colorado pow. Kevin Pearce was on the scene hanging out and doing some live commentary in the announcers booth, and his Frend Danny Davis was ripping pow runs all day and even poached the pipe for a couple runs. It’s amazing to see these two kids back on the snow again this season.


Women’s Halfpipe Podium

When asked what it would take to win today, birthday girl Kaitlyn Farrington said, “It’s going take sticking a whole run.” She was right. For the ladies, Kaitlyn Farrington, now twenty-one, pulled third place. Elena Hight got second, nailing her back nine, and Spain’s Querault Castellet, sorta just dominated. She won this stop of the Dew Tour in Breck last season, and nailed the win again this year. Castellet boosts for such a compact little lady and earned her big Dew trophy. “I felt comfortable and had good energy” she said. And that’s no small feat in a blizzard. The whole women’s final—only 6 riders deep—was plagued by falls and with the slow speeds and poor visibility, the ladies were far from at their best.


Louie Vito


Mens Pipe Podium

The guy’s final was pretty much the same. Speed problems, shite visibility, etc. The contest basically hinged on the first two or three hits. After that, the speed was over. Olympian Greg Bretz’s big guns came in the form of chucking a big back five to front 10; he nabbed third. Second went to Matt Ladley who nailed back-to-back 10s. Louie Vito, took the win. He put together front 10 double to Cab 10 double and actually kept some good amplitude further down, throwing up a Michalchuk and another ten. His high score held through the final when guys like Scotty Lago and Luke Mitrani were plagued by falls. Two heavy hitters, Peetu Piiroinen and Kazu Kokubo were both sidelined by injuries. Kazu smacked his grill and Peetu wrecked his ribs on the lip. Luckily, both  guys are only out temporarily. But they were missed today. And when it all wrapped up in the bottom corral of the over 500-foot long pipe, most of the riders were ready to either go schralp some pow, or get out of the snowstorm. Tomorrow calls for more snow and the Slopestlye final. Torstein, Tyler Flanagan, Sage Kotsenburg, Halldor— a lot of heads are in mix for that show. Come back and check the action tomorrow.



1. Louie Vito

2. Matt Ladley

3. Greg Bretz

4. JJ Thomas

5. Christian Haller

6. Trevor Jacob

7. Steve Fisher

8. Mason Aguirre

9. Luke Mitrani

10. Iikka Eemeli Laari

11. Scotty Lago

12. Kazu Kokubo (DNS)


1.    Querault Castellet

2.    Elena Hight

3.    Kaitlyn Farrington

4.    Sophie Rodriguez

5.    Soko Yamaoka

6.    Kelly Clark