Dew Games at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, Lynchburg VA


Date: April 2, 2011
Words: Drew Sherwood
Photos: Kyle Beckmann

The Dew Games started the day off with clear sky's, 50 degrees, and high winds pushing right at the riders. This was the second year for the Dew Games at Snowflex with a combination event of slope style rail jam and a big air best trick contest. The rail jam consisted of multiple features. Riders had to hit 3 out of the 4 groups to be scored. Riders were scored on difficulty, style, cleanliness on and off the rail, and ability to mix things up. With over 20 riders for the semi finals, the guys and girls showed a crowd of 500 plus people that they knew they had to go big and technical. There was a lot of talent keeping it really close, and making scoring the event very difficult. However, it was Myles Stark, Ryan Leeds, Cody Boan, Austin Leonard, Casey Reed, Sean Guyer, Kris Jones, and Kevin Manguiob moving onto the finals.

Riders making finals received three runs each with the best run counting. Right away Sean Guyer, Austin Leonard, and Cody Boan set the bar high flawless runs and pulling off some incredible rail runs. The judges had it rough trying to score these three. However it was Austin Leonard coming away with 1st place and $1,500. Austin is one of the best rail riders we have seen on the east coast and continues to increase his ability to continue to raise the level of competition. Cody Boan followed in 2nd place with $750 and going big with his front flip off the up flat box, and his endless style on the 30ft rail. Cody is no stranger to big events, having just got back from competing in the X Games Europe and Dew Tour. Sean Guyer kept it close finishing 3rd coming all the way from Vermont (don't be surprised if you see this kid on the big screen during X Games or the Dew Tour one day).

The BIG AIR comp was just as impressive as the rail jam. This portion of the event was scored best run out of three. Judges were looking at degree of difficulty, style, amplitude, and landing. The judges were extremely impressed with the semi finals but again there were 6 riders that stood out in each one of the categories being scored. Myles Stark, Kris Jones, Austin Leonard, Kevin Manguiob, Cody Boan, and Will Scheren advanced to the finals putting on a big show in the semi finals. The most difficult part about the entire event is that snowflex is more technical than snow, which makes the degree of difficulty event harder. The finals were a battle all the way to the end. The riders were going bigger than we have ever seen on a synthetic surface and landing tricks that have never been landed on a synthetic surface before. There were; Switch back 9's, double fronts, double backs, back 9's, Double Rodeos, major air time and tricks that felt like the riders just kept flying. However, it was Cody Boan walking away with 1st place and $1,500 going bigger than everyone with a Switch Back 9 and a double Rodeo. Close behind was Myles Stark with an extremely clean back 9, and not afraid of amplitude landing him 2nd place and $750. Austin Leonard followed right behind in 3rd place with $250. Austin was very stylish and clean all three runs continuing to impress the judges.

A very special thanks goes out to Keir Dillon for coming out and hosting the event. All our sponsors, Mountain Dew, Benaiah Clothing, FRENDS, Transworld, and Next Level, whose summer camp will be the premier spot on the east coast for progressing your snow game during the warm months. For more information about the camp visit and register now.

Rail Jam Results

1st    Austin Leonard      $1,500
2nd  Cody Boan               $750
3rd   Sean Guyer              $250

Big Air Results

1st    Cody Boan               $1,500
2nd  Myles Stark             $750
3rd   Austin Leonard      $250