Deschenes Wins World Quarterpipe Champs

All the dirts came out of the woodwork to check out the action at the fifth annual World Quarterpipe Championships. Held deep in the White Mountains at Waterville Valley Resort, this event has become a rite of spring in the East. Plenty of snow, and great weather put Waterville Valley in good shape for the days of mayhem at the ‘World Quarters’ and the riding was pure devastation.

Along with a loose competition format, there were burgers, beers and a heavy emphasis on the fun factor. Four thousand bucks and a new KTM dirtbike were up for grabs. What ensued was a heavy handed final jam which delivered serious aerial assault and more than a few close calls on the deck of the 20ft. plus quarterpipe. Kyle Clancy pounded out huge backside fives all afternoon. Keir Dillon sought the elusive McTwist 900, and after 50 attempts put one down. In between he lofted some of the highest aerials of the day. Travis Rice unleashed the double-chuk a few times as well as huge backside sevens. Lack of consistency was Rice’s shortfall. Nick Francke put on the show of the day with dozens of stomped maneuvers that put him at the top of the popular vote with the crowd. His lines included a frontside 540 over the Red Bull tent on the in-run, heading straight into switch backside rodeos in the 12-14 foot range on the quarter. Other highlights from Francke; switch frontside rodeos, McTwist sevens, and twice as many runs as the next guy, all day long. However, the four large and the new orange dirtbike went to Guy Deschenes.

The World Quarterpipe Championships has a become a tradition, a history of big transitions, big airs and even bigger after parties. The New Hampshire kids let it all hang out and during the finals, the locals made their presence felt; Pat Moore, Dan Garrity and Mikey Trappe hiked their butts off all day long, making a solid hometown showing. Steve Ash and Mike Bettera from Waterville Valley were responsible for the monster quarterpipe as well as a hell of a good time. Spectators, photographers, filmers and riders alike were stoked for a day of sun, fun, chilling and grilling. For many, the World Quarters is the last hurrah in the east before the big meltdown and plans for summer camp, this year the riders made it count.