Derek Kettela Photo Essay Intro

Derek Kettela Photo Essay Intro

The first photo Derek Kettela had published in Transworld SNOWboarding was a night shot of Devun Walsh doing a backside air at Mount Seymour. I remember receiving his photo submission and being surprised by the variety of lighting, angles, film types, and level of riders he'd shot. What was even better was his photo submission arrived just as I was working on the 1997 Photo Issue. That night shot of Devun was the opening spread for the issue.

From then on I couldn't wait to see what Derek was going to send in. He was trying new things and he knew how to be critical, editing and labeling his photos before sending them. We kept in touch over the next season and I could tell that Derek had a self-taught talent, and an intense drive to be one of the leading snowboard photographers in the industry. After a year of contributing photos, I asked Derek if he'd like to become a senior photographer for the magazine. I don't remember what his exact reply was, but I think it involved the words, bling-bling since he's Canadian and would be receiving checks in U.S. currency.

His love for photography goes beyond shooting snowboarding. At the age of fourteen, his father loaned him his Minolta SLR. Derek immediately learned the basics, and started composing and shooting buildings, landscapes, girls, skateboarders, animals, cars, musicians, or anything else that grabbed his wandering eye.

Derek is still one of our leading photographers, and continues with his goal to be successful with his photography. He is temporarily relocating back to his homeland of Toronto to open his own studio. If his creations and submissions are anything like that first batch of photos I received, he's going to go far. Good luck, buddy.

The following pages are just a sample of what's been Derek Kettela's focus for the last few years. Enjoy.–Shem Roose