Demon Snowboarding releases the first jib/snowskate specific glove. “There has been a huge demand for a glove designed specifically for those riders who love to stay late and jib or stay home from the resorts one day and build a snowskate park in their yard. We tried to build a light, durable glove that would cater to this type of rider”, says Demon’s team manager Pete Brainard.

From the flashy PVC protection fingers to the 5 mm foam padding on the palm this glove, Demon’s new glove dubbed ‘the Jib’ looks like it came right out of the motocross scene. Designed also for the price conscience rider you’ll find Demon’s new glove in select retailers this fall at a very affordable $29.99. Check it out at

Demon Snowboarding has added another sales rep to the sales team. Demon would like to announce Mark Neustadter as the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic rep. Mark is currently the Electric, and Heelside sales rep in this territory. “Mark has a great background and is a solid rep. We’re super excited about having him on board and believe Demon’s ever growing line of accessories will fit perfectly with his current lines”, says Demon’s sales manager, Brent Davdison.

Mark Neustadter-609.823.1538

Company Profile: Demon Snowboarding began in 1999 with a line of snowboarding accessories. The Stomplock, Demon’s flagship product, was designed for board security against theft. Demon’s 2001 line includes 24 products that encompass the range of the accessory and glove markets. This line will include the Ali Goulet pro model glove and the James Roundy pro model backpack. For more information check out Demon’s website at