Demon Pro Team Update

If you haven’t checked Demon out lately, look again. With Jeremy Jones, Ali Goulet, Bobby Meeks, Gaetan Chanut, Max Henault, Marius Otterstad, Nate Murphy, Erin Comstock, and Rio Tahara, the Demon Pro team is killing it in all corners of the world and representing the entire snowboarding spectrum from recently unveiled city rails, to the Alaskan backcountry, to every major contest. Many of the riders will take part in developing their individual Pro model gloves and representing signature Demon accessories. “We’ve selected riders who, like Demon, exude Excellence, Passion, and the Next Level. We’re stoked to be working with these guys and are excited to continue the development of rider driven gloves and accessories,” says Demon team manager.

Jeremy Jones is once again ruling the gnarliest of lines imaginable, filming in the farthest corners of winter for the newest TGR film. French-Canadian legend Gaetan Chanut is one of only 6 top snowboarders to join the renowned Whistler-Blackcomb Tribe Pro team. On the side, Gaetan Chanut qualified to be co-driver in the Canadian Rally Racing National Championships in a $70,000 WRX. Keep your scanners peeled for Gaetan’s new Trick Tips coming soon.

Ali Goulet has been filming with Finger on the Trigger productions for their new movie ‘Moment Of Truth’, and frequenting Mark Frank Montoys’s pimpin’ South Lake hookup, The Block. Marius Otterstad had amazing pipe runs on the Triple Crown Tour competing with the likes of Shaun White, Tommy Czeshin, and Andy Finch. Marius got 2nd in Slopestyle, Superpipe and landed a coveted X Games invitation for his performance. Since winning the best trick at the Artic Challenge, Marius has been put on the international team for Rome as the only Euro rider to get that status. And Max Henault’s epic sunset T-line quarterpipe shot, mammoth air to fakies, and another part in the Straightjacket films spells success for this French-Canadian.

Utah’s infamous Rail Garden, King’s Crown Superpark, and surreal backcountry produced both Nate Murphy of Allian and Missionsix and the notorious Roxy and Vans poster girl, Erin Comstock. Nate Murphy has redefined ‘acid dropping URBAN CLIFFS’ while filming with Alterna Action Films and Erin Comstock is again raising the bar for female athletes, whipping those naughty street rails into shape all over the US. Coming straight off of the month long American Roxy Roadtour, Erin snagged top 10 at all three Vans Triple Crowns Slopestyles. Then between coaching up-and-coming female rippers around the country and Boarding for Breastcancer, Erin Comstock stole both hearts and 2nd place at the 2004 US OPEN Railjam- someone’s been busy.

Finally, Demon signs Scotty Lago Flow Pro (16 yrs) 2004 World Quarterpipe Champion, Ben Jacquobellis of the US Snowboard Team, Tyler Flanagan (back 7’s at 10yrs old!), Jake Sullivan, Yulin Wu, and Nitro Gavin Hill 2004 USASA National Champions, and Kenny Srofe Forum Youngbloods Finalist.

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