Deeper: A Photo Journal From Antarctica

A new playground everyday. Photo courtesy of

A new playground everyday. Photo courtesy of

Xavier De Le Rue and Jeremy Jones are stretching snowboarding’s limits. They’re pursuing snowboarding deeper and further into its natural environment with the two-year video project entitled Deeper by Teton Gravity Research. “This collaborative film effort with Jeremy will be the first of its kind; a true, pure riding film made deep in the mountains,” says TGR co-founder Todd Jones. Big mountain associates Travis Rice, Jonaven Moore, Tom Burt and Ryland Bell have been accompanying them on such remote explorations. One of which is Alaska. They went deep in AK and we got proof. Pick up a copy of the January 2010 issue of TransWorld Snowboarding to see or subscribe now. Until then, follow Jeremy and Xavier’s update from the coldest, driest, windiest, and most highly elevated continent the world–Antarctica.

Xavier De Le Rue In Antarctica [Update 1]: The Drake Passage

“It’s been two days since we’ve left Ushuaia. We still haven’t reached the peninsula and I’ve spent most of my time lying in bed to avoid the seasickness. I’ve puked a bunch of times…but the sea seems to be getting better as we are approaching South Georgia Island. The atmosphere is quite unreal, crossing the famous Drake Passage, surrounded by these massive waves. (The worst sea crossing in the world, just check the video, you might even get seasick). We’ve seen a few whales already; the crew is really excited despite the long journey… I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side!”

“After 40 hours of travel I have made it to the tip of South America. It reminds me of a Southern Hemi version of Alaska. The mountains are big and the ocean is serious. We got out to stretch our legs yesterday and are now headed for the boat to cross the Drake Passage. It will take us about 50 hours to do the crossing and then it is game on.” Jeremy Jones’ last update before heading Deep South to shred Antarctica.

Xavier De Le Rue In Antarctica [Update 2]: Back From Antarctic Paradise!

“The boat is rolling through the Drake Passage…we just left yesterday and all I can say about that trip, is that this place is like something I’ve never seen before. We’ve got it amazingly well, we’ve had at least a little bit of sun everyday and most of all, we discovered this surprisingly powerful place.”

“The variety of the terrain, the snow quality and the challenges we’ve been going for have made this trip really special. Once again it’s been a pleasure to have Jeremy as a partner as we really enjoy sharing our skills in these intense moments. I won’t say more for the moment, but these pics will give you a rough idea of our trip.”

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