Deep Distributes Beck(y) Line

All Beck(y) purses and clutches are one-of-a-kind bags, hand made from pressure-washed, recycled skateboards.

Lake Tahoe, Ca. —December 2, 2002- Deep Distribution is proud to announce partnership with Beck(y), the accessories line that turns used skateboards into fashion-forward, useable bags.

“So much creative energy goes into the production of a skateboard deck, it’s a shame to throw them away,” say’s Jen Riley, the President of Deep Distribution. “And we think that all of the general abuse endured by skateboards makes them even lovelier. Recycling these urban art pieces into fashion is a great idea, and we’re proud to represent the brand, for sure.

Beck, the designer of Beck(y), combines lush silk satin with banged up and broken down skateboards to create these truly unique bags that are bold in contrast, and guaranteed to turn heads. “Beck(y) bags are made from skateboards that people actually skate. That’s part of what makes them stand out. The stickers, the scratches, the paint- it’s all real…true urban artifacts.”

Many of Beck(y)’s decks are simple hand-me-downs. “I get most of my decks from friends who skate,” Say’s Beck. “My friend is the owner of 5boro Skateboards and he gives me his decks too, but I am starting a new program for skate shops, team riders and board companies. For each old deck I get I will donate money to funds like the Tony Hawk Foundation to build public skate-parks.”

Deep Distribution and Beck(y) will also be offering a deck recycling program to make sure there are always enough skateboards to make Beck(y) skate bags. The Deck Recycling Program will allow surf/skate/snow shops to trade in used decks so that they may lower their retail prices, gain a larger margin and also allow Beck to quit begging her friends for their decks. “This is a great purpose for all those broken decks lying around shops- Just send them to us and we’ll send them back. Looking much nicer, of course.”

Beck(y) bags are art- just like skateboarding. EVERY Beck(y) bag is carefully and creatively, hand-made. They make fantastic gifts and are perfect for girls with urban sense and one-of-a-kind style. You can find Beck(y) at select retail locations. For more information on Beck(y), please contact Jessie Cohen at,, or Jen Riley at,