Deep Days at Snowbird with Nicolas Muller and Bjorn Leines – Pow Gallery

Snowbird has had over 437" inches of fresh this season. To say it's been good, is a vast understatement. This gallery is filled with photos of people getting absolutely pitted and we can't stop drooling. Rider: Ryan Hudson | Photo: Chris Segal
That's Nicolas Muller pointing his way through all that white. Photo: Chris Segal
Bjorn Leines with the perfect skidouche. Photo: Matt Crawley
Have you ever made a slash like this? Brooks Finlinson shows us how it's done. Photo: Chris Segal
Shapow! That's the sound of making a money slash like this. Bjorn Leines crushes another deep one. Photo: Matt Crowley
This shot of Ryan Hudson getting white-roomed gives us all the feels. Photo: Chris Segal
How many pow slashes like this do you think Nicolas Muller has done in this life? Photo: Matt Crawley
No other feeling compares to this. Rider: Bjorn Leines | Matt Crawley
Smoother than silk, Nicolas Muller coasts a butter we can all be envious of. Photo: Chris Segal
The way the snow curls into this wave of white makes us feel some type of way. This shot of Snowbird's Brian Brown shows just how deep it is out there. Hey Snowbird, we're on our way. Photo: Matt Crawley

There’s no denying Snowbird has been having a hell of a season. The Wasatch has been getting crushed with storms that have produced plenty of pow, and we find ourselves drooling over recent shots of riders getting absolutely trenched at the Utah resort.

Currently, over 432″ have fallen this season, and nineteen of those inches have accumulated in the past 48 hours. With all this snow, there's been a slew of pros descending on the mountain to get into some that fresh. Bjorn Leines and Nicholas Muller have been spotted getting it good, along with a grip of others.


Scroll through the gallery above to get a taste of how deep it's been with this gratuitous pow gallery.

As storms continual to roll through, we're getting hyped for our annual all-mountain Good Wood test, which will be taking over Snowbird in the next few weeks.

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