DC Transitors in Japan: Mega Gallery with Devun Walsh, Anto Chamberland, Torstein Horgmo, and More

The DC Transitors crew timed their second episode perfectly. This season in Hokkaido has been absolutely incredible, with people casually dropping '100 year storm' references. Torstein Horgmo casually drops into this hip at the House of Powder, Niseko.
Anto Chamberland is usually charging in the streets, but after a month straight of filming for Real Snow, he decided to take his talents to Japan for TRANSITORS episode 2.
The House of Powder shuttled the crew to the goods all day long.
No time for a dip in the onsen. There's powder to be had.
Devun Walsh joined the crew a couple of days into the trip and wasted no time getting into the groove of things.
Torstein buttering his way into some fluffy panca... pillows.
Light's good, do anything. Anto Chamberland knows what's up.
Obey all posted signs. Unless there's pow to be had.
Spot the landing, snorkle, ride out. Torstein knows the drill.
Torstein knee deep in classic Japan conditions. Nice and fluffy.
Anto was absolutely sending it over these pillows at The House of Powder.
It's hard not to be stoked with conditions and a crew like this. Devun and Anto were amping.
Devun Walsh cleared for takeoff.
When it wasn't dumping, the sun was out in full force, allowing Anto to take full advantage of all the natural features.
Torstein with a little up and over.
This cat track at The House of Powder was fun to rip between pow laps. Then Devun decided to gap the whole thing.
Fresh landings for days. Torstein prepares to entire the whiteroom upon re-entry.
It was deep out there. Make sure to watch the full DC Transitors episode to see what else went down.

Photos: Andy Wright

We knew it had been dumping in Hokkaido since November, but until you see it in person, it’s hard to explain. We’re definitely not complaining about how much powder there was to be ridden because as the locals say, there’s no such thing as too much snow. Each morning we were greeted by a foot or so of fresh in the driveway, which was promptly shoveled as we packed up the rigs and headed to our daily zone. Spending multiple days at The House of Powder cat operation was an awesome way to kick off the trip. We lapped for hours, only taking short breaks for snacks, defogging goggles, or swapping batteries.


Watch DC TRANSITORS Episode 2 here:

With so many natural features to find and hit, it was almost overwhelming. Our crew consisted of Torstein Horgmo, Anto Chamberland, Devun Walsh, and an additional rider who will remain nameless at this point in time, due to a certain Olympic rule. The core idea behind Transitors is to document the real deal behind a video production, what goes on behind the scenes, after hours, and everything in between. With two weeks to cruise Hokkaido, the crew spent time at The House of Powder, the Niseko United resorts, Rusutsu, and finding their own roadside features. After the pow settled, we came back with one extremely heavy edit that could have easily been twice as long.


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