Well, this week saw the summer snowboard season wrap up at Camp of Champions at Whistler/Blackcomb resort. It was an epic week as the conditions came together to treat the DC team and all others on snow well. Aside from the nightlife (which you know all to well by now), the afternoons saw some hot summer snowboard action.

While the Whistler village was teeming with summer fun, the DC crew headed up the mountain to see what Ken Achenbach and the Camp of Champions had set up on snow. The camp pulled off some fun features including a nice step-up jump, which are oh so popular right now with all the shredders. This is mostly due to the non-consequential impact when you land on your skull. Take it from me. Landing uphill vs. falling out of the sky is much nicer on the bones. They also put together a double line with two step down jumps, a nicely cut half-pipe, and a slew of rails to keep the street scene alive and well.

Simon Chamberlain, Devun Walsh, Todd Richards, Travis Parker, Priscilla Levac, and am’s Aaron Biittner and Jacqui Berg all threw down over the few days up on the hill. A variety of jumping tricks were seen, from straight airs all through half helicopters, full helicopters (both ways!), helicopters and a half, and even a few double heli’s thrown in for good mix. The rails saw much nose and tail pressing along with some spins both on and off. Needless to say, everyone had a good time and the park was in top form.

On the closing day the team then went to bro down with the campers and sample some local skateparks. The kids that competed in the gromfest comp (judged by the DC crew) got a ton of free goodies including one of Todd Richards new boards. Not to shabby. After the product toss turned near mob, we all split for Squamish to sniff out some skate spots. But that’s another story …

Todd’s take on Whistler Part Deux Deux, or “Where Da Bears?

Ok, so there is all this hype about bears in Whistler. Every day we would ride up the chairlift hoping to see a four legged fuzzy. No dice, seems every one else sees them, just not me. So I’m going to get to my point. We were housed about a quarter click from the Whistler village, across a field and down a bike path that at night was dubbed the “Bear Gauntlet. According to locals, we were staying in a bear hot zone. I guess that would explain all the trash strewn about.

Travis and I walked the bear gauntlet one night at dusk and I have to say it, if I was a bear that would be a great place to maul an unsuspecting tourist from the U.S.A. So the same night we went and made party with sake marg’s and assorted judgement impairing liquids. Travis and the Canadian DC skate team manager Sean, met some lovely lasses from around the way and proceeded to attempt to lure them back to our lodging. The rest of the crew was done for the evening and decided to take the car back to the house, while Parker and Sean thought that walking back through the gauntlet might make for a fun, bonding experience.

I don’t know about you, but I saw the movie Grizzley Man, and am officially over being friends with bears. Being mauled to death is right up there with wearing Shaq’s jock strap for a Halloween mask right after the playoffs. So we wished Travis and the girls good luck with fuzzy roulette and headed home. Well the crew showed up about half hour later none the worse for wear, to my semi-dissapointment. For some reason, having someone tell me about how they were almost just killed by a wild animal is entertaining to me. The ironic part about this pointless story is that the girls were about to be mauled by another fury beast. Go figure.

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