Sims is pleased to announce that Dave Short has joined the Sims team.Dave is just one of the new Canadian riders to join the Sims team. He iscoming off a very impressive year where he filmed a sick part with TheGathering Crew (Gong Show) and had a tremendous amount of magazine coverageworldwide. Dave is based out of Whistler BC where he spends most of hiswinter filming and shooting photo’s for magazines and videos. When he isn’ttracking the backcountry on his sled, Dave works on perfecting his skills sothat one day he will make it big time. It looks like that worked finallypaid off, Dave is the cover boy of the newest issue of Snowboard Canada thatjust hit the news stands. This year Dave will once again be working with TheGathering Crew for their new movie due out this fall and shooting photo’swith the legendary Colin Adair of www.Littleboyslovephoto’s.comphotography.

Sims is the SHIZZLE! exclaimed Short “They have the sh#t onlock and the product is looking tight as hell.

Dave sponsors are Sims, DC,Westbeach, Von Zipper, Drop and Technine Bindings.The Sims team is Marc Frank Montoya, Casey “Nelly” Nelson, Nico Droz, TinaBasich, Chris Dufficy, Jon Roth, Iikka Backstrom, John Jackson, Tina Basich,Josh Feliciano, Dave Short and Daryl “Trini Trinidad.

Sims Snowboards has continued to advance snowboarding and snowboardingrelated products since Tom’s first wood-shop class project in 1963. To thisday, Sims Snowboards manufactures snowboards, boots, outerwear and Linkbindings as an alternative to the common winter sports pastime.For any team related questions contact Sims Snowboards