Dave Downing & Kassia Meador Join Gravis’ Team

Burlington, VT – August 28, 2002 – For the past four years, Gravis has beenproducing lifestyle-oriented footwear, bags, and gear that are a freshalternative to what exists in today’s global marketplace. Born out of theboard-sport lifestyle, and drawing inspiration from the creativity yieldedby music and art, Gravis has received invaluable design direction andinsight from its family-like Development Team comprised of top talent fromthe surf, snow, skate, music and art world’s. Gravis has worked closely withits Development Team since day one, and their authentic feedback and globalperspective ensure that all Gravis products and programs remain firmly onpoint. In this spirit, Gravis is proud to announce that it has added veteransnowboarder, Dave Downing, and surfer, Kassia Meador, to its GlobalDevelopment Team roster.

Downing and Gravis have been friends for a long time, and Downing’s vastexperiences both on and off the hill make him an extremely valuable additionto the Gravis dynamic. Downing is an exceptionally talented and passionaterider, able to destroy everything in his path from handrails and parkkickers, to cliff drops and deep powder. Downing continually strives to pushhis riding to the next level, and his commitment to progression coupled withhis strong interest in product development and design translate well intothe role he will play on Gravis’ Development Team. Downing’s diverseopinions on what works and what doesn’t work product-wise, along with hiskeen eye for detail, will enable him to contribute greatly to the continuedgrowth and advancement of Gravis’ team-driven product matrix.

At only twenty years of age, Kassia Meador is quickly making a name forherself within the competitive ranks of women’s professional longboarding.Exuding a seemingly effortless grace and style both in and out of the water,Meador is best known for her radiant smile and fun-loving, positiveattitude, making her a favorite among sponsors, media, and peers. For thepast two years, Meador has been traveling the globe competing, shootingphotos for editorial, and making numerous friends along the way. Voted bySurfer Magazine (April, 2002) as one of the top ten up-and-coming femalelongboarders in the sport today, Meador’s unwavering passion for surfing,joined with her carefree, creative mindset make her an excellent addition tothe team.

Welcome to the family Dave and Kassia!

Gravis utilizes its Development Team in a variety of ways, the mostimportant of which being roundtables where team members meet with Gravis’internal product and marketing divisions to brainstorm, critique, andprovide feedback on everything from product design to ad campaigns. Teamdirection has always been — and remains — at the core of Gravis’ overalldevelopment process, making a huge difference in everything that is Gravis.In early August 2002, a roundtable to discuss the upcoming Fall/Winter 2003product line was conducted at Gravis’ west coast showroom in Dana Point, CA.Attending Development Team members included Keir Dillon, JP Solberg, KalaniRobb, Benji Weatherley, Z-Trip, and new recruit, Dave Downing.

In related Gravis Development Team news, long-time team rider Kalani Robbput on quite a show in the final round of the 2002 Philips Fusion U.S. Openof Surfing held on August 4, 2002, in Huntington Beach, CA. Throughconsistent, powerful riding, Robb — ranked # 10 on the 2002 Association ofSurfing Professionals’ (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT) — ran away withthe U.S. Open championship title and its accompanying $10,000 purse. Hopingto keep his winning streak alive, Robb will join teammate Luke Egan nextmonth as they both head back out on the 2002 ASP WCT to compete at Trestles,CA, from September 5-14th. Also, keep an eye out for the rest of the Gravissurf team as they trek around the globe on a variety of surf missions, themost notable of which being Benji Weatherley’s recent trip to Indonesia withKelly Slater, Rob Machado, and Tom Curren.

The snow, music aand art sects of Gravis’ Development Team have been busy aswell. Keir Dillon, JP Solberg, and Torah Bright all logged some serious timeat Mt. Hood this summer, honing their skills and preparing for the comingwinter. Additionally, DJ Z-Trip has been spending a lot of time in theproduction studio lately, working not only on his own highly anticipatedalbum slated for release winter 2003, but also on a remix for DJ Shadow. Andstreet-inspired painter/graphic designer, Rostarr, has been featured in anumber of art shows spanning the globe over the past few months, the mostrecent of which being the London-based “Street Wise 1ne” show.

Find out more about Gravis’ Development Team at www.gravisfootwear.com.