Darren Cingel

Born: May 17, 1975 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lives: Truckee, California for the last five years

Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Reef, Sugar Bowl


Darren Cingel is a guy who can make friends anywhere and with anyone. It’s the whole truth-I’m not just trying to say something nice. Here’s the story:

One night Darren and his friends are out at a local establishment in Truckee, and some guys start heckling Darren’s roommate. A fight soon follows, and Darren, who sticks up for his friends, is in the thick of it. At this point the door guy can’t break it up, but the two make it outside, still brawling. The police arrive about this time and pepper spray Darren and the other guy, taking them both to jail. In different cells, the two talk it over and wonder what the whole ruckus was about. Neither can really pinpoint anything, and morning comes with Darren asking the same guy he fought just hours before for a ride back to Truckee (over breakfast, even!)-a long way back from Placer County Jail.

And Darren got his ride.

Oh yeah, This being his check out, I’d like to add that Darren Cingel is one hell of a solid rider who can daily be seen owning the hill at Sugar Bowl.

-Michael Lucas

Darren would like to thank Brett Sigur, Reef, Sugar Bowl, and his parents for all of their support.