From the top of the rider’s drop-in overlooking Whistler village the 25-foot tall takeoff for The Shred Show's Big Hip looked like a straight up wall. The 43-degree angle on the jump was designed to pitch riders as high as possible and limit them from going end-to-end. But of the 30 invited pros that pointed it into the setup Saturday night it was the top ten who consistently went the 60 feet from lip to table landing that made it through qualifications.

For 16 year old Darcy Sharpe, sending it over the top wasn't a problem. He stomped his way through qualifiers, going end-to-end each time, and locked down a frontside double cork 1080 on his first run of the finals. With scores pulled from the two best tricks combined, he chose to play it safe on his second hit and put down a backside 720 that was guaranteed to score him points. For his last hit he stomped a backside 900, riding out switch through the slushy chunder to first place and 15 Gs. As a TTR 5-star event, Darcy also earned 850 points towards his big air ranking for the next TTR season.

Darcy Sharpe going end-to-end with a frontside double cork 1080. Photo Russell Dalby/Monster Energy

Montreal's Antoine Truchon picked up second place and 6,000 dollars for his two best tricks, a frontside 10 double cork and frontside nine.

Jon Versteeg threw a backside 1080 tail grab on his first hit and looked like he wanted the W when he went for a switch backside 1080 double cork on his second run. Unfortunately he wasn't able to hold his line and drifted to the rider's left, ending up in what he called "One of the sketchiest bails" he's taken. Jon managed to pull himself together for his last hit, stomping a backside 900 putting him in third place and padding his surf vacation budget a little more with a check for 4,000 dollars.

Darcy Sharpe, middle, $15,000 richer and he can't even go to the bar. So that's $1,500 in candy bars if you apply the 10 percent rule. Jon Versteeg, left and Antoine Truchon, right. Photo Russell Dalby/Monster Energy

The Shred Show’s four days of competitions continue at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival with Boarderstyle, a four man head-to-head race down a boardercross track with mandatory spinning off the last jump. The catch? A better trick can beat a faster time. Oh, and Terje is racing. Stayed tuned for full coverage coming soon…


1. Darcy Sharpe
2. Antoine Truchon
3. Jon Versteeg
4. Logan Haubrich
5. Dave Fortin
6. Justin Morgan
7. Robby Balharry
8. Yale Cousino
9. Logan Short
10. Derek Livingston