Favorites are tough. Often we are given so many options that widdling down a selection, let alone picking out your absolute favorite, can be quite difficult. With that in mind, we asked the TransWorld SNOWboarding senior photographers to rack through their hard drives and come up with their top ten images of 2018. It was no easy task, and when you start to calculate just how many photos they shot from January 1st to December 31st of the following season, the ask grew to be quite enormous. Given that, we invite you to dive in below where we have compiled Darcy Bacha’s top ten images of 2018 along with a brief story to accompany each. Make sure to check back soon as we continue our celebration of 2018 with more top ten lists to come.

#1 John Jackson – Terrace, BC

Last hit, last light, last try for me to make something special. Sometimes I feel like I'm bouncing around in anticipation for the sunset, trying to find the right angle for what's to come, only to completely switch it up seconds before shooting my photo. The light changes so quickly in those last seconds of the day, that you really need to be on your toes. That was definitely the case for this image of John Jackson hitting this booter in Kitimat, BC.

#2 Dustin Craven – Revelstoke, BC

We were about to call it a day when Dustin and Kazu decided to go for one last session on this feature. It only needed a quick pat down, so we patiently waited for the sun to pop. Justin Hare, who filmed KamiKazu, was pretty close to me when I shot this photo, and he said he had just gotten one of the best video shots of his life. I can say the same thing about my photo of Dustin Craven here.

#3 Eric Jackson – Terrace, BC

Cut blocks are where old forests have been cut down for timber. During the summer they're quite the eyesore, but during the winter when they are filled in with powder they turn into a backcountry snowboard park with endless possibilities. In this image, Eric Jackson frontside 360's his way into a pillow paradise.

#4 Dustin Craven – Revelstoke, BC

Here we have Dustin Craven hitting a drop that landed him on the cover of the latest issue of Transworld SNOWboarding. This feature needs the perfect backcountry recipe to be hittable, and after previous attempts in this very spot, I am happy to say that Dustin Craven and I scored. Perfect light, perfect pow, perfect jump.

#5 Eric Jackson – Terrace, BC

Eric Jackson with one last run before calling his Alignment project a wrap. I think that's why I love this image so much. After Eric made his way down to the bottom we called it a day, which ultimately meant we called it a season. Snowboarding in the backcountry can be scary and reaching that feeling of relief after you and your crew made it to the end safely is the ultimate goal.

#6 Victor Daviet – France

I was camping in French Alps with Thomas Delfino and Victor Daviet when I took this image. We noticed that the moon was huge the night before, so I thought maybe we could get a cool image the next evening while the moon rose. Our initial idea was to have Thomas and Victor hiking up this ridge while I shot photos of them walking through the moon. However, after I got the shot I suggested that they jump this small drop, It was hard to communicate exactly where they should take off as a foot or two would completely transform the photo. Thomas went first and missed his mark. Afterward, I was able to give Victor a better idea of where to hit it and he nailed the shot. Both Thomas and Victor rode down to the camp after their jumps. It wasn't until I arrived and showed them the photo that we all realized what a gem had been created.

#7 Thomas Delfino – France

I love this photo because of the composition and framing. Knowing I had only one try before the landing would be pooched, I had to make sure I was in the perfect place to frame Thomas between the tree and the cliff. By some miracle, Thomas isn't touching either.

#8 Halldor Helgason – MtHood, OR

Getting photos on Mt.Hood with St. Hellens in the background is a rare thing. I've only shot one other photo in my life with it. Here, Halldor took that little extra juice off the takeoff needed to put an exclamation point on an awesome session and to help me create one of my favorite images of the season.

#9 Eric Jackson – Terrace, BC

One of my favorite parts about shooting in a Location that has never been shot before is that everything we shoot is new. Shooting in Northern B.C. for Alignment allowed both the boarders and myself creativity that is rare in snowboarding these days–a massive blank canvas. Eric Jackson paints a pretty good picture with this cab nine in the Kitimat Backcountry.

#10 Kazu Kokubo – MtHood, OR

There's nothing like being home and shooting photos. During the winter I envy my friends that live in Whistler and have some of the best terrain in their backyard. Well, during the spring and early summer there's no better place than my home on Mt.Hood as far as I'm concerned. There are not many places on earth that let you shoot massive jumps with sunsets usually only seen from your airplane seat.

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