Gnu announces the early release of Danny Kass’s 158 pro model. Danny Kass, winner of three US amateur national titles, dominated the 2001 pro halfpipe competition like noone ever has, winning the X Games, the US Open, three U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix events, and the overall Grand Prix title.

Danny, a New Jersey native who now resides in Mammoth, CA, currently has his eyes set on a good time and the 2002 Olympics. He’s worked with the Gnu design team this spring and summer to perfect the geometries and fine tune a board to fit his smooth, high-speed, high-flying style.

His board will feature Gnu’s exclusive Altered Genetic Tree wood alloy core in a new “Genetic Beam” configuration, which is lightweight and bombproof. The Danny Kass model will also introduce Sintered Wax-Infused base material¿a technological breakthrough process that builds wax directly into the base material. Speed with reduced maintenance.

Danny’s board is available now! 

On his most recent visit to the Gnu factory in Carlsborg, Washington, Danny built his own snowboard and we asked him a few questions about his Pro model and the future.

Q: Who is Danny Kass?

Kass: Some dude,… No, I am a 18 years old from New Jersey, with high hope’s and a strong will power who happens to love snowboarding.

Q: Who did your graphics?

Kass: Tim Karpinski.

Q: What do they mean?

Kass: The graphics are a combination of Tim and my work.

Q: Why did you get a pro model?

Kass: I don’t know, Probably because Mervin didn’t want to pay me too much money.

Q: Why the geometry?

Kass: Because the board holds an edge, is very fast, has a great flex, strong construction and is all-around amazing. (158 length, 121 contact, 8.9-8.4 progressive sidecut, 26 waist, 30 nose and tail.)

Q: What’s next?

Kass: More competition and the Olympics. WORLD DOMINATION…

Q: How many days a week do you talk to your mom?

Kass: Five days a week.

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