Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Tonight the guys took to the pipe under the lights during X Games 2014, and man did they not disappoint. After a long weekend of triple and double corks, this pipe contest was refreshing. Sure there was still a little hucking, that’s inevitable, but for the most part it was a pretty damn stylish event. Dudes like Ben Ferguson, and Scotty James were boosting and making it look amazingly good. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from these guys over the next few years.

The top three guys were Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, and Danny Davis. Greg Bretz has had one hell of a season so far. First he’s the only guys this year to beat Shaun White, he also made the Olympic team, and then tonight he landed a sick run and got third place. Greg has a pretty on point run, see it here:

Greg Bretz’s third place run:

Interview with Greg

Danny Davis and Louie Vito were roommates in high school. They know each other, and the stoke that they showed at the bottom of the pipe for each other was real. Louie put down one hell of a run tonight, and it was sick to see him come out of his slump that he has been having this season. He finally put down a run that he wanted. Check it out here:

Louie Vito’s’ run:


Interview with Louie

Danny Davis however is on one hell of a roll. His new approach to contest snowboarding, which by the looks of it is do whatever the hell you want, and make it look awesome, is working out for him. It seems as if something clicked in Danny’s mind and he realized that wait, he’s amazing at snowboarding, and he just needs to go out and do it. It’s so sick that Danny’s on the Olympic team and his snowboarding is going to be put on a massive, mainstream stage. He came out tonight in his first ever X Games finals and put down his run and walked away with gold. He sent a message that style matters, and it’s not going anywhere. See his winning run here:

Danny Davis’s winning run:


Interview with Danny:

Danny Davis sending a sick switch method. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen.

Full Results here:

1 Danny Davis R37.66 R95.00 93.66 95.00
2 Louie Vito R10.66 R93.00 16.00 93.00
3 Greg Bretz R89.33 R87.00 21.33 89.33
4 Scotty James R65.00 R85.33 88.00 88.00
5 Ben Ferguson R49.33 R87.00 43.33 87.00
6 Iouri Podladtchikov R30.00 R31.00 83.33 83.33
7 Yiwei Zhang R81.66 R26.00 52.00 81.66
8 Benji Farrow R23.33 6.66 59.00 59.00

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