US Open Poach. Stratton, 2009.

That hippy Danny Davis is rehabbing his knee at home up in Truckee, California—with his dog Layla and his homeys of course. It was a long and tricky season for Davis, who has come back fast from a jacked knee. He even managed a few poach runs at the US Open, before taking his ass back to Tahoe for P.T. and mellow park laps at Northstar. I went up and shredded with him—he’s on the comeback for sure. In the meantime, he’s lurking at home and taking blurry pictures… here’s a few he sent:

And along with his heart-warming pics, he sent some local stoke:


1. Being home

2. Chillin’ with my roommates, Snook and C-bass

3. Rutland house

4. Camping, anywhere

5. Sunny days

6. Pow days

7. Hiking with the mutt, Layla.

8. The Brooklyn sandwich at Stir Crazy Deli

9. Truckee skatepark

10. Floating the river


Look for an exclusive Danny Davis Interview, right here, in the next day or so …