DaKine Names New Team

HOOD RIVER, Ore. — January 6, 2004 — DAKINE is proud to announce theaddition of Chris Demolski and Nate Sheehan to its International SnowboardTeam.

Eighteen year-old Chris Demolski has been ruling the Tahoe scene since theyoung age of ten. With a very progressive segment in Whitey’s “Back inBlack”, 2003 was the year that put his name in the spotlight for good. Inthe December 2003 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding, Demolski received majorprops in the story “The Making of ‘Back in Black'”. TransWorld followed upwith a two-page spread of Chris slaying a double-kinked wooden handrail inthe ‘Wallpaper’ section of the January 2004 issue. Snowboarder Magazinecalled out Demolski as one of snowboarding’s newest threats in the “BarelyLegal” issue. Get ready for another impressive film segment in Mack Dawg’snew film coming this fall.

Nate Sheehan, probably snowboarding’s most underrated rookie, made himselfknown in the snowboard community last season with an impressive roster ofcontest placings. Most notably, he won the overall slopestyle champion awardfor last season’s Triple Crown series. He went on from there to take 2ndplace in the 2003 U.S. Open Slopestyle as well as won the best trick awardwith a Cab 1080. Nate’s skills were so impressive at the U.S. Open that hewas invited to the Arctic Challenge in Norway where he took 3rd place in theslopestyle. At Snowboarder’s Super Park in Breckenridge, Nate was noted asone of the top ten standouts out of over 200 riders. Keep an eye on Nateover the course of this season. He has plans to step things up on theeditorial and filming side of things as well as to keep ruling the contestscene.

The 2005 DAKINE International Snowboard Team is:

– Chris Englesman

– Wolle Nyvelt

– Gretchen Bleiler

– Chris Demolski

– Benji Ritchie

– Roger Hjelmstadstuen

– Nate Sheehan

– Tyler Lepore

– Josh Dirksen

– Shin Campos

– Janna Meyen

– Jon Cartwright

– Brandon Ruff

– Markku Koski

– JF Pelchat

– Chris Coulter