In creating the Daily Ops column, we hope to give our readers a look beneath the surface of the snowboard industry. Our aim¿to show you the personalities and mechanics behind our sport’s companies, products, and images.

The folks at Volcom need not worry about how to understand and attract their customers. Hell, they are their customers. Behind Volcom Stone is a group of skaters, surfers, snowboarders, and regular old maniacs who are involved in this industry because they wouldn’t fit anywhere else. (Richard Woolcott, the man behind the Stone, logged over 30 days on the slopes last season.) Creativity and fun are the foremost motives behind Volcom’s approach. Back in 1991, before the big snowboard explosion, Volcom Stone was born in the minds of two friends in Southern California, Woolcott and Tucker Hall. They decided to start their own apparel company, which afforded them plenty of free time to snowboard and travel. The two followed their instincts and concentrated on the creative side of things, insisting that everything with the Volcom name or logo come from within their core of artists and riders. It’s what Woolcott calls “ultimate image control.”

The day in April we dropped in, Bjorn Leines was coloring in paper prints of snow outerwear. He handed them back to the artists, who add tweaks and revisions, and so the process goes. The company has offices, meeting rooms, and computers humming in every room, but along with the standard trappings of big business are a few special features. Inside the 80,000 square-foot V. Stone compound are a world-class indoor vert ramp and street park, and a soundproof music studio. On top of running the biz side of things, the Volcom crew gets down. The Stone icon and tripped-out Volcom art decorate the entire facility.

In an unrehearsed and candid manner, Woolcott explained the basic philosophy behind his company: “It comes down to passion. We’re having fun with it and just trying to run a successful company. It’s the chemistry of the people who work here and their creative energy. We are an athlete company¿we do what we do to support our athletes’ lifestyles and vision.”

Volcom Team List

Guys’ Outerwear/Streetwear

Bjorn Leines

Wille Yli-Luoma

Joel Mahaffey

Erik Leines

Micah McGinnity

Billy Anderson

Matt Lebel

Guys’ Streetwear
Terje Haakonsen
Shaun White
Michi Albin
Daniel Franck
Romain de Marchi

Gigi Rüf

Jeff Anderson

Girls’ Outerwear/Streetwear

Janna Meyen
Girls’ Streetwear

Nicola Thost