Da Kine Adds Dalpiaz And Bleiler

Da Kine is pleased to announce the addition of both Jessica Dalpiaz and Gretchen Bleiler to its snowboard team. Dalpiaz and Bleiler join two of the biggest names in women’s snowboarding, Janna Meyen and Leslee Olson, making the women’s snowboard team at Da Kine a force to reckon with.

The addition of Bleiler and Dalpiaz is part of an effort to support the continued advancement of Da Kine’s commitment towards women’s snowboarding and women-specific accessories. Da Kine’s Snow Marketing and Team Manager Randy Torcom, says, “Gretchen Bleiler and Jessica Dalpiaz are a perfect fit for Da Kine’s snowboard team. Jessica has been ruling the women’s snowboard scene for years. She brings a ton of experience to the table. Gretchen is great because she offers a totally fresh and young perspective and she’ll be killing it on the women’s halfpipe circuit for years to come.”

Jessica Dalpiaz lives in Salt Lake City, UT, and calls The Canyons Resort her home mountain. She is 27 years old and has been shredding for eleven years. Some impressive contest results include a 2nd place finish in the Big Air at the 2001 Vans Triple Crown at Snow Summit, CO; 4th place in the Big Air at the 2001 X Games, and 3rd place in the Big Air at the 2000 X Games. Her other sponsors include Gnu, Roxy, Vans, and Blindside Snowboard Shop. Jessica plans to keep filming and shooting this season so keep an eye out for her in upcoming videos segments and in the mags.

Gretchen Bleiler lives and rides in Aspen/Snowmass, CO. She is 20 years old and in only four years of top-level competition, she has positioned herself at the top of the sport. A member of the US Snowboard A team, Gretchen started the 2002 season with five podium finishes in her first seven competitions, including a 1st Place in Halfpipe at the Vans Triple Crown in Snow Summit, CO; 1st Place in Halfpipe at the Vans Triple Crown in Breckenridge, CO; 2nd Place in Halfpipe at the U.S. Grand Prix at Mt. Bachelor, OR; and a 2nd Place in Halfpipe at the U.S. Grand Prix in Breckenridge, CO. Her other sponsors include Salomon, Oakley, Polar Revolution, and Aspen Resorts. Gretchen is receiving extensive media coverage this year¿so you won’t have trouble keeping tabs on her.

Gretchen and Jessica will both exclusively represent Da Kine backpacks, travel luggage, and gloves. The Da Kine Snowboard Team includes Chris Engelsman, Peter Strom, Josh Dirksen, Shin & Shandy Campos, Jesse Huffman, Jon Cartwright, Leslee Olson, Tyson Carmody, Matt Peterson, Gabriel Authier, JF Pelchat, Tom Burt, Benjie Ritchie, Jon Roth, Jacob Soderqvist, Guillaume Morissette, Mitch Nelson, Carston Bahnson, Brandon Ruff, Justin Mooney, Eric Themel, Roger Hjelmstadstuen, Gabe Taylor, Steve Klassen, Matt Goodwill, Janna Meyen, Tyler Lepore, Guillaume Chastagnol, Kale Stephens, Thomas Eberharter, and Gilles Voirol.

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