Customers First And Leisure Trends Combine Programs

BETHEL, Maine (September 30, 2003) --Customers First of Bethel, Maine, and Leisure Trends Group of Boulder, Colo., have combined two products to create a powerful marketing tool for resorts and retailers in the snow sports industry. The end result is an easy to administer program that not only helps resorts and retailers find out who their customers are, but gathers feedback as to their customer’s experience enabling them to fully harness the power of the customer.

Data Stream, a program of Customers First, captures contact and demographic information from large volumes of customers for follow-up via direct mail and email. Leisure Trends Group provides marketing research services including customer satisfaction surveys so snow sports companies can monitor their products and gather more comprehensive background on customer groups. Data Stream and the Customer Satisfaction Survey have been combined on one form, which is administered throughout the property. Customers can win valuable trips and prizes simply by completing the form.

“Data Stream is the perfect vehicle to deliver the customer satisfaction survey,” says Bruce McCloy, president of Customers First. “Instead of reaching hundreds of customers each season, resorts can reach thousands. Plus, all of the data entry is being consolidated through Leisure Trends, which makes it easy for the property.”

“In light of the increasing staffing and housing shortages facing the industry, staff-administered surveys are a real challenge,” added Joy Spring from Leisure Trends. “By combining a market research component to the database capture tool, Data Stream, it’s now easy for resorts and retailers to build a dynamic database of their customers and at the same time get valuable feedback on how to better meet their needs.”

The combined product was tested in the winter of 2002-2003 at a New England resort. The data collected was consistent with data that had been collected in previous years via the National Skier/Boarder Opinion Survey conducted at the resort and also lined up with demographic data from the NSAA survey. The resort is quoted to say it was the most successful research they’ve conducted at the area because it was so easy to administer.

Customers First, a division of SnowSports Industries America, specializes in database management, direct mail, email marketing and data capture services. Leisure Trends Group is a market research and strategy company focusing on what Americans do in their free and leisure time.