Crash Intro

Six years ago, on Superbowl Sunday, I was shredding Heavenly Valley with my bro Mike Wester. I followed right behind him off a five-foot tabletop and overshot it by about fifteen feet. This normally wouldn't have been a big deal, I was used to super flat landings, but there was some fat kid sitting on the landing. I decided that instead of using him as a cushion, I'd avoid him by landing with my legs locked in a hole the size of a hot tub; amazingly, it worked. I missed him and he got up laughing, side-slipping his way down the run, only looking back when I screamed in pain. Mike started laughing uncontrollably. In between the tears of a blown MCL during the ski-patrol sled ride down the hill, I giggled a little, too.

For some strange reason seeing someone who gets paid to ride powder all day scorpion their way into a hospital bed makes all of us at TransWorld feel good inside, and we hope you feel that way, too. It's been a while since we've shown the flipside of majestically stomped landings, so we decided to show you what really happens on a typical photo shoot.

Go ahead and laugh at the following pages of blown-out knees, slipped discs, and ruptured spleens. It's about time the “Top Guns” pay dues for writing checks their bodies can't cash.–Nathan Yant