Coreflix Launches Action Sports DVD Rental Service

The first action sports DVD rental service will expand action sports entertainment market

Manhattan Beach, CA — March 18, 2003 — Coreflix ( officially launched the first-ever action sports DVD rental website today, marking a new distribution option for the action sports entertainment industry. Through its Rent Ride Return program, Coreflix provides consumers easy access to nearly 400 action and “extreme” sports DVD titles for a fixed monthly fee with no due dates and no late fees. With its launch, Coreflix opens up the rental market to an already demanding demographic of hard-core action sports fans, giving them a new way to access and enjoy DVDs. For a limited time, the company is offering free, 14-day trial membership accounts to all consumers.

The leading action sports include surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and BMX, with wakeboarding also growing rapidly in regional popularity. The combined U.S. participant pool for these five sports was more than 28 million in 2001 according to American Sports Data. Many sources also include, skiing, motocross, mountain biking, cycling, bodyboarding, windsurfing, and various other “adrenaline” sports in the category. A huge factor in the growth of these sports has been the participation of “Generation Y”, estimated by American Sports Data to consist of over 70 million consumers.

“We founded Coreflix because we saw three major unmet needs that present an opportunity: Consumers want to watch more action sports DVDs than they can afford to purchase, and there was no rental market. They also want a ‘try before you buy’ option, and with no theatrical release, consumers have no opportunity to view films before buying them. Finally, producers need a distribution pipeline that exposes their products to a wider audience in order to grow the overall market for action sports entertainment products. Our Rent Ride Return service satisfies these needs, and creates the action sports equivalent of a theatrical release market,”said Coreflix CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Agliozzo.

“By combining the distribution capabilities of the United States Postal Service and an Internet-based ‘virtual DVD rental store’ Coreflix has created a unique way to satisfy the underserved action sports junkie,” Agliozzo added. “Action sports video fans are typically not concentrated enough to justify ‘brick and mortar’ rental operations stocking these titles. Our model allows us to reach these consumers wherever they are, and give them what they need — the largest selection of action sports DVDs available.”

For a flat fee of $17.95 per month plus tax, DVDs are sent to the customer’s home for viewing via first class mail. Selecting titles from a list created online by the customer, Coreflix sends out each DVD in a custom mailer that includes a pre-paid return envelope. After viewing the DVD, the customer returns the disc, and Coreflix sends the customer the next available title from the customer’s online “Rental Queue.”

“Shelf space in retail stores is tight, and the available space is usually focused on hard goods, apparel and accessories that appeal to a mass audience,” said Co-Founder and VP Marketing, Benjamin Padnos. “Since the action sports fan base is a segmented part of the overall consumer audience, very few retailers even carry these DVDs, which has resulted in a totally underserved community. With Coreflix, we’re leveraging the power of the Internet, giving consumers unlimited access to a huge selection of titles for one low cost and without any late fees.

“Coreflix is the catalyst this industry needs to bring action sports DVDs to the masses,” Padnos added. “The Coreflix Rent Ride Return program benefits both customers, who now have the opportunity to sample more titles in more action sports categories than are available at traditional DVD rental stores; retailers, whose customers will be exposed to more content and therefore will be more likely to purchase more titles; aand producers, who now have a new distribution system and a broadened consumer base for their DVDs.”

“Coreflix is the best idea since sliced cheese,” said veteran professional snowboarder Chris Engelsman, whose snowboarding film production company, RobotFood, has its DVD title “Afterbang” featured on Coreflix. “People will finally be able to watch any and all action sports videos, which is going to help drive more revenue to the industry.”

According to Engelsman, most action sports videos are purchased at specialty retail shops by enthusiasts who are looking for inspiration, cutting-edge music and bands, to get an inside look at their favorite athletes, and to see new tricks, tips and locations to practice their favorite sports. “Action sports videos are viewed an average of 20 times each, typically in groups of three or more, and the viewers are primarily male, aged 14-29 — the coveted audience for so many brands and marketers,” Engelsman added.

Growing in popularity despite limited or no theatrical release, action sports entertainment video sales have risen with the surge in DVD players entering the home. “By giving consumers the ability to rent DVDs, more people will buy the videos in the long run — as happened when Blockbuster went national in the 1980s. The Coreflix Rent Ride Return program is the answer,” Padnos said.

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