Edward Martinez, Illustrator

Edward Martinez is a 22-year-old artist who resides on the East Coast of the U.S.A., where he spends his time doing freelance illustration, drawing, and painting. His original illustrations can be seen throughout this issue at the headings of each column. You can reach Edward at: (401) 624-6215 or emartinez@pobox.com


Dr. George Ahlbäumer, page 176

Dr. George Ahlbäumer will be writing a regular column on injury prevention in each of our issues. He is known as one of Europe’s top orthopedic surgeons specializing in snowboard injuries. He is based at the Clinic Gut in the Center of Bone and Joint Surgery in the Swiss Alps at St. Moritz. So many riders have tried hard and failed to pronounce his surname over the years that he is now simply known as “Dr. George.”

The Clinic Gut sees a huge number of injured riders passing through its emergency room doors every year, and the volume is increasing as snowboarding grows in popularity. This has allowed the medical staff to achieve considerable expertise in treating a wide variety of snowboarding injuries; while the Swiss resort itself has established strong connections with the international pro snowboarding community, it is also the home of the Biomex Protection Systems.