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Jeremy Lanningham, Illustrator

Nicknames: Jerms, Landingflat, Hot Rod
Residence: Boise, Idaho, but would like to move
Favorite number: Nine
Board length: 160-164cm
Stance: 20.5 inches
Angles: Changing constantly due to my roommate’s influence.
Music: Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, Nirvana, Hum, DJ Shadow, Unkle, and just about anything “live” in a not-so-smoky venue.
Inspiration: Phil Frost, Bill Carman, Mike Parillo, Phillip Burke, Juxtapoz, past snow/skate/surf graphics, black cats, and the thought of surfing with my girlfriend in San Diego.
Hobbies: Finding pow with my friends, working creatively, trail running, and spending time with my fam.
Thanks: Lori and Lori at Newts, Alex, April, Jeff, God, Dave Downing, Jak Green, Matt Remine, my fam, Wirestone, all my rep friends, and everyone else who has pulled for me.
Words of advice: Listen to others! Keep on doing what you’re doing and good things will come.
Aspirations: To be significant, travel/relocate, and make a name for myself in the snow/skate/surf industry illustrating/designing or what have ya!

To hire, collaborate, or chat with Jeremy, contact him at (208) 250-2291 or e-mail

Billy Anderson, Hype Up

Guess who I am? I’m 23 years old and have lived my entire life in the small town of Mammoth Lakes, California. I have a brother who will soon blow all of your minds. I ride with him on a daily basis along with my roommates Nate Wallace and Pat Prettyman. I ride for Morrow, Volcom, and Oakley-they’ve been the best sponsors a boy could ever have and I’m thankful for their support. You might’ve seen me running over/dancing on cabs in Japan. I also made a 1,000-dollar bet with Dave Sypniewski at this year’s Banked Slalom on Super Bowl Sunday. Who am I?-Billy Anderson