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Chris Owen, Nixon Jib Fest and New Zealand
Remember that friend you had growing up who had the really cool parents? They always let you do whatever you wanted, but still raised a kid responsibly. Well, that’s who Chris Owen is-not the kid, the cool yet responsible parent. Chris has managed to take care of some of the biggest babies in snowboarding (just kidding, T.R.) and made sure everyone had fun while working their asses off.

Owen claimed “washed-up” status early and decided to manage the motley crew at Morrow as his first foray into the team-managing biz. Not only did he travel with the team, sharpening his photography skills under the tutelage of Trevor Graves, but he managed to hype the brand into one of the industry leaders.

At some point early last year, Chris lost what we refer to as “common sense” and decided to move to Germany with his wife Amber to work at some inferior publication. MÅnich, while it might be a nice place to visit (it’s not), it’s no place to live. Chris sobered up and realized that the good ol’ U.S. of A. was the place to be. He moved back to his original home state of Oregon, and pretended he never actually thought Germany was a good idea. Anyway, he’s now the team manager for Lib Technologies, GNU snowboards, and Quiksilver clothing. He takes good pictures, and apparently he can write, too.-Embry “I Wish Sypniewski Was Still Here So I Didn’t Have To Write This” Rucker

Andre Aganza, Contributing Artist
Andre Aganza, a.k.a. “Chato,” is one talented individual. He’s been working for TransWorld Media for the past three years doing everything from scanning photos for all the magazines to being an agency designer. Now as art director for SKATEboarding Business, he has his hands in everything over here. He adds a lot of flavor to TransWorld; without him we’d be missing out on a lot of good ideas and cool stuff. He’s super humble and always finds time to help anyone and everyone out. So if you’re ever here at the office, stop by and meet Chato. He’ll be your best friend in five minutes.-Yours Truly