Contest Cleanup: Slopestyle

Eric Willet going for X Games Gold.

Eric Willet going for Euro X Games gold. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Contest Cleanup: Slopestyle

Enni Rukajarvi? Mark McMorris? Ulrik Badertscher? Until this season, you probably never heard any of these names. Neither did we. The 2009/2010 contest season was swirling with new riders and heavy competition though. High school groms took out seasoned pros. Doublecorks dropped left and right. Each stop had a new standout or a new name atop the podium. This past season saw an even more youthful changing of guard.

To keep track of it all, here’s a tally of slopestyle and big air champs from some of the biggest events of the year. Keep you eyes out for them this upcoming season and be certain that there are more on the way…

Arctic Challenge

1. Peetu Piirroinen
2. Torstein Horgmo
3. Mikkel Bang

Billabong Air and Style

1. Marko Grilc
2. Peetu Piiroinen
3. Andreas Wiig

Burton Open Series

Global Open Series Overall Champs: Enni Rukajarvi and Peetu Piiroinen

New Zealand
1. Sebastien Toutant
2. Torstein Horgmo
3. Eric Willet

1. Jamie Anderson
2. Janna Meyen-Weatherby
3. Shelly Gotlieb

1. Peetu Piiroinen
2. Mikkel Bang
3. Gjermund Braaten

1. Enni Rukajarvi
2. Sina Candrian
3. Sarka Pancochova

1. Brett Esser
2. Jon Versteeg
3. Robby Balharry

1. Enni Rukajarvi
2. Lisa Wiik
3. Sina Candrian

1. Mikkel Bang
2. Ulrik Badertscher
3. Sebastien Toutant

1. Sina Candrian
2. Shelly Gotlieb
3. Jamie Anderson

Dew Tour

Overall Cup: Jamie Anderson and Sage Kotsenburg

Dew Tour, Breckenridge
1. Tyler Flanagan
2. Sage Kotsenburg
3. Eric Willet

1. Jamie Anderson
2. Sarka Pancochova
3. Jenny Jones

Dew Tour, Mount Snow
1. Torstein Horgmo
2. Shaun White
3. Andreas Wiig

1. Jamie Anderson
2. Spencer O’Brien
3. Chanelle Sladics

Dew Tour, Snowbasin
1. Chas Guldemond
2. Tyler Flanagan
3. Sage Kotsenburg

1. Spencer O’Brien
2. Jenny Jones
3. Megan Ginter

Oneill Evolution

1. Marko Grilc
2. Ville Paumola
3. Peetu Piiroinen

Ride Shakedown, Mount Saint Sauveur

1. Mark McMorris
2. Sebastien Toutant
3. Eric Willet

1. Megan Ginter
2. Lynn Neil
3. Alex Duckworth

Roxy Chicken Jam, Mammoth

1. Jamie Anderson
2. Janna Meyen-Weatherby
3. Jenny Jones

Roxy Chicken Jam, Austria

1. Enni Rukajarvi
2. Cheryl Maas
3. Kjersti Buaas

X Games Europe

1. Eric Willet
2. Sage Kotsenburg
3. Marko Grilc

1. Jenny Jones
2. Kjersti Buaas
3. Sina Candrian

X Games U.S.

1. Eero Ettala
2. Eric Willett
3. Chas Guldemond

1. Jenny Jones
2. Jamie Anderson
3. Janna Meyen-Weatherby