Complete AST Bear Mountain Results and Story

Big Bear Lake, CA — Shaun White found the Superpipe at Big Bear Mountain to be just to his liking. The fourteen year-old phenom rode the perfect transition to huge airs and a clean first run in the finals, stomping a frontside 900 perfectly to take first place at the Paul Mitchell American Snowboard tour presented by JanSport last weekend.

White edged out JJ Thomas who showed huge amplitude, rocketing eight feet out of the pipe regularly and threw back to back technical tricks including a McTwist to alleyoop McTwist. This years hot rider Danny Kass, failed to pull off the last run heroics he has shown at the U.S. Grand Prix events this year when he over rotated an Alley Oop 540 and fell, taking third place.

Cara-Beth Burnside overcame casing the lip on her first run and falling, but charged back on her second run to edge out Tara Zwink in the women’s half-pipe competition. Each rider executed difficult tricks, but it was Burnside who had the smoother run in the end.

JJ Thomas came back strong on Sunday in the Big Air competition, this time not to be denied. Nailing an ultra smooth “switch rodeo 540” on his final run, Thomas finished just ahead of Roger Yu, whose “rodeo 720” was just slightly less perfect than that of Thomas, pushing Yu to second place for the second year in a row. Abe Teter came in third with a “switch 540 tailgrab.”

The Big Bear Mountain AST event will air on “Core Culture” on USA Network at a future date in a one-hour special. Check local listings for times.

The Paul Mitchell AST continues February 23 – 25 at Snow Summit with Snowboard Cross, Super-pipe and Giant Slalom disciplines. Coming on the heels of the Vans event the week prior at the same resort, entries are expected to be high and advance registration is suggested. The Paul Mitchell AST finishes it’s 2001 campaign March 9 & 10 at Northstar at Tahoe with Half-pipe and Giant Slalom. For information or to receive an entry form, contact the AST at 818-385-1439.

The American Snowboard Tour is sponsored by Paul Mitchell Professional Salon Products, JanSport backpacks, Optic Nerve eyewear, Dryve Snowboards and Turfboard.

Results – Men’s half-pipe finals

1. Shaun White 41.8
2. JJ Thomas 40.5
3. Danny Kass 38.5
4. Luke Wynen 36.1
5. Stefan Clausen 34.1
6. Lane Knaack 32.6
7. Justin Brink 32.4
8. Abe Teter 27.3
9. Colter Duepree 24.7
10. Tyrone Biddle 18.1

Women’s half-pipe finals

1. Cara-Beth Burnside 30.5
2. Tara Zwink 29.4
3. Alisa Mokler 26.4
4. Bianca Berger 25.1
5. Roberta Rodger 24.3
6. Paige Warner 23.2
7. Amber Stackhouse
8. Kirsten Bedard
9. Jonnel Janewicz
0. Megan Klammer

Men’s Big Air

1. JJ Thomas 26
2. Roger Yu 25.6
3. Abe Teter 25.2
4. Justin Brink 25.1
5. Mark Reilly 25
6. David Scaffidi 23.9
7. Eric Shaw 22.8
8. David Burright 22.5
9. Ryan Lougee 19.7
10. Chris Wimbles 19.6

Women’s Big Air

1. Corrie Rudishauser 24.8
2. Juanita Platz 23.5
3. Jonnel Janewicz 20.4
4. Hana Beaman 16.6