Colorado Jan./Feb. Visits Up 3.5%

Second period skier visits up 3.54 percent over last year

DENVER, COLO., March 10, 2004 — With two thirds of the ski season completed, the state of Colorado is posting strong results for the second period, with destination visits leading the charge.

For the second of three measurement periods, January and February 2004, Colorado saw 4,982,652 skier visits, an increase of 3.54 percent over last season and a 4.78 percent increase over the five-year average.

“We made up a lot of ground in January and February, with the trend of strong out-of-state numbers continuing from the first period,” said Rob Perlman, President & CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. “Looking ahead into the key spring break weeks, resorts are reporting solid reservations and there are some fabulous deals out there for skiers and riders to take advantage of during the spring skiing months of March and April, which will provide some of the best skiing and riding of the season.”

First period skier visits, Oct. 28 through Dec. 31, 2003 totaled 2,671,532 (or a 9.2 % decrease over 02/03). The second period numbers are reported in three categories, which were slightly changed by CSCUSA this year. Destination resorts hosted 1,582,555 skier visits (or a 6.08 percent increase over 02/03), Front Range Destination resorts hosted 2,933,646 skier visits (or a 2.57 percent increase over 02/03), while Gems/Front Range resorts hosted 466,451 skier visits (or a 1.34 percent increase over 02/03).

“With the economy on the rebound, great snow conditions, world-class events and solid destination and in-state numbers, we now have tremendous momentum to take us through the final stretch of the season,” said Perlman.

Year-to-date, 7,652,257 million ski and snowboard visits have been reported through February 29, 2004, a 1.21 percent decrease in skier visits compared to last year, yet an 8.05 percent increase over the five-year average.

A skier visit represents a person participating in the sport of skiing or snowboarding for any part of one day at a mountain resort.