Cold Weather Heats Up Midwest, Rocky Mtn. Sales

By Fabia Grueebler

In late October the first signs of winter began knocking on the Rocky’s and Midwest’s door. As the first serious cold air and precipitation moved across the region, shops witnessed an increase in traffic maintaining optimism for a fruitful snowboard season.

Last week Snowboarding Business contacted nine retailers throughout the Rocky Mountains and Midwest asking if the recent wave of cold temperatures coupled with snowfall has resulted in an increase of sales. If that wasn’t enough, we also wanted to know their preseason top-selling gear. Here’s what they told us.

Rocky Mountain Snowboards, Littleton, Colorado

“The colder air and light snowfall have made people excited about the upcoming season,” says owner Lori Sherry. “Since last week sales have increased quite a bit.”

With sales up in the Littleton shop, Sherry reports her top sellers:

Men’s Board: Never Summer SL

Women’s Board: Ride Vista

Boots: DC Phantom 2

Bindings: Technine Marc Frank Montoya

Apparel: 686

B. C. Surf and Sport, Broomfield, Colorado

Once again the early snowfall in Colorado has sparked the interest in riding for many snowboard customers. “We’ve had really cold weather lately. In fact it’s snowing right now,” shares Snowboard Buyer Adam Crandall. “I would say in the last couple weeks people definitely started buying more gear.”

After a little prying, Crandall divulged B.C.’s strongest-selling merchandise:

Boards: Burton, Never Summer, Ride

Boots: N/A

Bindings: Burton, Ride

Apparel: 686, Volcom, Foursquare

World Boards, Bozeman, Montana

Moving north into Montana the snow’s been falling for a short time giving the state the initial layers of the 2002/03 season’s base. In spite of the recent flakes, Owner Jay Moore states, “Early snowfall doesn’t really have an impact on sales. In a resort area, consumers are going to buy anyway.”

Through late October World Boards discloses its most popular gear:

Board: Option Supercharger, Nitro Shogun

Boots: Northwave Freedom

Bindings: N/A

Apparel: Burton, Sessions

Stumptown Snowboards, Whitefish, Montana

So far the weather hasn’t affected sales at this Whitefish location. “This year’s sales have pretty much been the same as last year’s,” says Manager Joe Tabor.

Up to this point, Stumptown Snowboards number-one buys are:

Boards: Salomon

Boots: Vans Fargo Boa

Bindings: Burton

Apparel: 686

Adventure Sport, Rapid City, South Dakota

Adventure Sport reports that the recent blanketing of snow has brought more foot traffic into the store. “Yesterday we had our second snowstorm this season,” remarks Buyer Clint Dietrich. “When there’s snow on the ground, people are more into buying winter gear than when it’s 80 degrees outside.”

Adventure Sport’s best-selling gear includes:

Board: Burton Dragon

Boots: Burton Sabbath

Bindings: Ride

Apparel: Burton

Fobia 1, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Even with the limited snowfall coverage, Fobia reports a good beginning to the season. “We definitely got a jump start even though there hasn’t been much snow yet, but the weather is cold enough for the resorts to start blowing snow,” says Manager Trucker Gerrick.

Fobia’s best-selling gear as follows:

Board: Capita

Boots: Northwave, Thirtytwo

Bindings: N/A

Apparel: Foursquare, Special Blend

The Sports Hut, Wayzata, Minnesota

Despite the lack of snowfall in the area, sales remain up due to the winter-like temperatures. “Sales have definitely been up because of the cold weather. We’re already reordering some products,” mentions Buyer Nick Karels.

Top sellers in The Sports Hut include:

Board: Gnu Danny Kass, Salomon

Boots: Salomon

Bindings: Burton P1

Apparell: 686, Mission 6, Foursquare

Flying Fish, Madison, Wisconsin

With its first big blanketing of the season expected soon, Flying Fish is waiting to see how consumers react. “It’s a little too early to predict. We have the cold weather, but we haven’t really had any snow yet,” states Owner Benny Imhoff. “Outerwear has picked up more than usual this year.”

Flying Fish’s most-requested gear includes:

Board: Ride Kink

Boots: Burton

Bindings: Ride SP1

Apparel: Ride Indy Jacket

Sunrise Sports, Flint, Michigan

Even with the absence of snow, the wintery climate is getting folks in Michigan excited about the upcoming season. “Sales haven’t been up drastically, but the cold weather has had a positive effect,” says Owner Bill Skaff.

The most-popular gear sold at Sunrise Sports includes:

Boards: Gnu Danny Kass, Salomon

Boots: Burton Freestyle

Bindings: Burton Custom, Burton Freestyle, Flow FL-19

Apparel: N/A