The Cold Front Tour has been sweeping across this country this Fall, bringing lower temps and big screen showings of Kamikazu, Beta, and The Future of Yesterday. After the Minneapolis premiere, we made our way to Chicago, saw some of the sights, and hung out with the local snowboarding community at the Davis Theater. The next weekend we set our sights on the East Coast, making landfall first in New York City, packing two theaters full at Cobble Hill Cinemas in Brooklyn. With a handful of Beta riders in attendance including Nik Baden, Brandon Davis, Finn Westbury, but perhaps most notably and most locally, Reid Smith, whose family definitely knows how to party. The bars tend to stay open later than most, but we still found a way to close them down. Next up – Boston. New Englanders filled up the VIP room at Whisky Saigon as we kicked off the night and celebrated snowboarding in style. We've still got two more stops left on the tour – Reno and San Diego. So, West Coast, you're up next. Check the rest of the dates and info on how to RSVP for tickets right here, and we’ll see you on tour.

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