Cold As Ice Re-signs Byrnes, Adds Rep

Cold As Ice adds a New So Cal Rep: Debbie Howard

Costa Mesa, CA — In their on-going commitment to female snowboarders around the globe, Cold As Ice has renewed its contract with Tricia Byrnes. Tricia will continue to be the champion representative for the Cold As Ice brand and all it stands for in the women’s marketplace. ” We love working with Tricia and have enjoyed our relationship with her over the past three years. She has the riding style and results to command an audience wherever she rides”, says a company spokesperson, “and that’s great for the brand”.

The terms of the deal were undisclosed, but do include a healthy victory schedule as well as a line of signature outerwear pieces. “Supporting the label with her own signature collection, is a direct reflection of how integral Tricia is to the R & D process here at Cold As Ice”, stated Darcy Lee Post, CEO and head Designer for the brand. “Her styles are the first to fly off the shelves”.

“Cold As Ice is such an amazing company and I feel lucky to be a part of the team and work with a fun group of ladies making cool clothes and who love to ride”, said Tricia. Her competition schedule includes a few World Cups, the triple crowns, X-games, Grand prix’s and the US Open. New this year for Tricia will be her own snowboarding camp held at Stratton, Vt. It will coincide with the winter holiday and can be registered for on line through Cold As Ice.

Tricia has a great attitude towards all her sponsors” stated the Cold As Ice team manager. “She’s a true pro in every sense of the word”.

Cold As Ice has a fit and look for every girl rider — in keeping with that approach, the Cold As Ice team is three tiered. Along with the Pro segment, Cold As Ice offers a home for the Rookie competitor. This team is comprised of girls who are competing regularly and need a little support to help advance their riding style and abilities. Here they can blossom to the next level. Our Sista’ Team provides a place where influential girls can get great product flow. They are the influential girls on the mountain or in their shops. These girls provide a fresh approach to the sport and are the keepers of the good vibe on Cold As Ice.

All team members can be viewed on our all new web site: