Class of Galena 2009

Class of Galena 2009

This coming January and March TransWorld and CMH will team up again for Shred Sessions at CMH's Monashee Lodge in eastern British Columbia. These trips are open to anyone with strong riding skills and an appetite for powder. Also, TransWorld will be inviting a pro to come and shred, too. No word yet on who's coming along, but considering Gretchen Bleiler, Josh Dirksen and David Benedek showed up in the past, you can expect to fan out. You can also expect some seriously unreal riding, five-star dining, high-class après, and one of the illest lodges at altitude. Be warned: you won't want to leave.

David Benedek Pillow Line

David Benedek Pillow Line

"I had no idea there was Heli-Boarding that didn´t involve sitting around for days because of bad weather.  CMH Galena only have a few non-flying days for the whole season which is pretty sweet, they basically fly in any weather since the stay within the trees. We were flying in the thick ass snowfall, getting dropped on top of insane tree runs.  They have everything from natural ditch runs to pillow fields and tree runs. You basically ride as much as you can all day as if you´re in a ski resort. When you get to the bottom the heli´s already there to pick you up so you can get an incredible amount of runs in. I think within our 3 1/2 day trip we had 45 runs which is ridiculous." – David Benedek

Check Out David’s Quote This Interview HERE, and see what he can really do on a snowboard check this video HERE!

2010 Dates

Shred Session I

January 9–13, 2010 at Monashee Lodge (changed from Galena Lodge).

Price: $6,096 Twin / $6,484 Single (4 days)

Shred Session II

March 20–25, 2010 at Monashee Lodge.

Price: $7,620 Twin / $8,104 Single (5 days)

For more information check the CMH website click HERE