Climb and Ride: Ecuador’s 5897 Meter “Cotopaxi”

“With this year’s Summits4Kids project, we tried to climb and ride the Cotopaxi, a 5897 meter high volcano in Ecuador.
Bad weather and a lot of fresh snow was what we had to deal with for the last two weeks of this years summits4kids project. When a little weather window came up we were going for it to climb and ride the 5890m high Cotopaxi.”—Mitch

The Team: Marja Persson,Giulia Monego, Kasha Rigby, Jacopo Bufacchi, Bibi Pekarek, Mitch Toelderer, Ecuadorian Friend and Guide Gaspar Navarrete and Photog Chris Figenshau.

More about this trip also on mitch´s blog and bibi´s blog.

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