Christy Dedicates 2001 Boards to Endangered Species

Pro snowboarder Barrett Christy has dedicated her four 2000-2001 boardmodels to creatures that are orhave been on the North American Endangered Species list. Each modelfeatures art by Seattle artist KellieTalbot depicting a species that has been threatened by human activity.

The American Crocodile is often aroad kill victim. The California Condor gets taken out by power lines.

The Ocelots’ habitat is torn up byurban expansion, and the MacFarlane’s Four O’clock flower is destroyedby recreational use of its habitat.Barrett and Gnu snowboards will be donating a portion of her board salesto the Y.E.S. organization(Youth for Environmental Sanity). Y.E.S. is dedicated to educate,inspire, and empower youth to takepositive actions for the future of life on earth. For more informationon Y.E.S. contact