launch Chicksticks On-Scene. ( announces the launch of Chicksticks On-Scene, the onlysite to exclusively cover the girl’s surf, snowboard, and skate scenes.

Chicksticks On-Scene is the place for girls to find out what’s happening in the ocean, on themountain, and in the street. At Chicksticks On-Scene, girls can find the latest in contest action, learnnew moves, and go along on trips to exotic locales.

On-Scene was launched with coverage of the Nov. 14, 1999 All Girl’s Skate Jam in Haleiwa, Hawaii.Coverage of this skateboard event includes, fresh results, video of the action, a story, andphotographs. Additional events to be covered by Chicksticks On-Scene include surf contests withthe December 1999 Women’s Championship Tour season finale and snowboard contests with theVan’s Triple Crown and the Chevy S-10 tours. Other eye candy at the site includes: a video thatgives girls a “virtual” first snowboard lesson; video coverage of surfer/shaper Shannon McIntyre asshe travels the world; and video highlights of the 1999 U.S. Open snowboard contest. was launched on Oct. 1, 1999 as the go-to place for girls who put gravity to gooduse. offers girl-only surfboards, skateboards and snowboards for sale and givescustomers direct, girl-to-girl advice to make sure they get the right gear.

Tracey Hagemann, Chick Executive Officer, says that this is yet another way todevelop the strong relationship she has with her users. “Girls have told me that they want a place togo that features them first, not as footnote,” she says. “This is the place that will get a girl psyched,whether she’s just learning a new sport or whether she’s a pro who wants to find out how hercompetition is doing.”