Chevy Trucks Hooks Up With Rossignol

DETROIT, Dec. 3 — Chevy Trucks stepped up its commitment to participate in the lifestyles and activities of their customers by forging a new partnership with Rossignol Ski Corporation, the world’s leader in snow sports equipment. Chevy Trucks will become the official vehicle of the Rossignol Ski/Snowboard Demo Tour hitting the slopes this winter at resorts across the country.

Sleek, black Chevy Express Vans and all wheel drive Astro Vans emblazoned with Rossignol’s and Chevy Truck logos will be on-site at several Chevy- sponsored events this winter, including the World Cup races, the Snowboard Grand Prix competitions, the U.S. National Championships and Freestyle World Cup events.

Mac Whisner, Chevy Trucks’ national advertising/promotions director said, “Teaming up with Rossignol allows us to work with a company that shares the same brand ideals as Chevy Trucks; quality and dependability.”

Joining forces with Rossignol offers an exciting opportunity for Chevy Trucks to expand its “Own the Outdoors” program.

“Skiing and snowboarding represent an important segment of Chevy’s customer base,” said Whisner. “This partnership targets the kind of active consumers that can appreciate the ruggedness and quality of America’s most dependable, longest-lasting trucks.”

Rossignol President Hugh Harley praised the new partnership with Chevy, and said that teaming up with Chevy was a good fit.

“Quality and durability are important factors when you put the kind of mileage in the mountains that our guys put on the vehicles day in, day out,” he said. “Chevy Trucks has the product and the will to support marketing efforts that we believe to be critical to the growth of snowriding.”