CHEERS, The New Movie From People

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People Creative--aka The People Crew, are the guys who brought you 2009's Nice Try. Remember that one? It featured Marben, Huot, Wille, Debari, etc? Yeah, thought so. This season, they've got new riders on board--a good mix of styles--and they've been working overtime. In case you haven't heard, this year's movie is called Cheers. The crew here at TransWorld is stoked to be teamed up with People again this year. Otherwise I probably would never have gotten the invite to join them for some spring fun in B.C.

I just spent a week up in the B.C. backcountry rolling with Eero Niemela, Shaun McKay, Mikey Rencz, and People director-producer Justin Eeles. We went on some missions: I watched, did some shoveling, and got my rented sled stuck a few times (quite a few times actually). Even got a couple No Board runs in.

Across town two other People crews, made up of Joe Sexton, JP Walker, and Simon Chamberlain, plus Seth Huot and Aaron Biittner were rouping and looping around the various Whistler zones trying to rack-up some more shots. These guys were going hard and kept the whip cracking on themselves after I left--that springtime race to get all the shots they need before the snow disappears. I witnessed some sick shit. Had some laughs. Saw Renczy get semi-Lobbled bouncing himself off an icy landing. Definitely good times and damn good riding. Based on the crew, the motivation, and the filmers, it seems like a sure thing that CHEERS is gonna give us all something to cheer about. And they still aren't done filming.

Full movie crew: Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Seth Huot, Aaron Biittner, Joe Sexton, Lauri Heiskari, Mikey Rencz, Zac Marben, Eero Niemela, Curtis Cizsek, and Shaun McKay.

Locations: B.C. Canada, Minnesota, Sweden, Finland, Lake Tahoe, Washington, Oregon, California, Salt Lake City

Movie Release Date: September 2010

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