Checkout: Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford

Born: June 14, 1978

Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Sponsors: Morrow, Westbeach, Mantra Optical, and Exit Real World

Idols: “Peter Line has always been by mentor. He comes up with the most progressive tricks and stays at the forefront of snowboarding.”

“When I feel others’ negativity or when someone questions why I’m trying a certain trick or hitting a certain jump, it makes me want to stomp it more than anything,” says Andrew Crawford. “Not to prove anything to people who would rather work on their shit-talking than riding, but to do it for myself-I learn how I don’t want to act from the negative attitudes of others.”

Andrew Crawford is an extremely positive individual who has mastered the task of channeling negative energy into something creative. His drive to succeed is omnipresent in everything Andrew does. It may be a photo shoot, hiking the jump long after everyone else has quit, or beating the holy hell out of himself trying new tricks until he lands-Andrew won’t allow himself to give up before he has reached personal satisfaction. He often sees himself as a guinea pig, but clearly uses this energy as a way to not only have fun, but to progress.

“Self progression is the most important thing in the world,” says Andrew. “I never want to sit back and let others come up with new tricks or a new line-I want to be one of the people seeing beyond the horizon.”