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Full Name: John Anthony Jackson
Age: 16
Birthdate: October 13, 1983
Home: Mammoth Lakes, California
Sponsors: M3 Snowboards, Planet Earth, Dragon Optical, Northwave, Drake, and Wave Rave Snowboard Shop

John was born at home in Crowley Lake, California, nineteen miles south of Mammoth Mountain. John is perhaps the most local local to ever come out of Mammoth. He was second born to the Jackson family, with the final tally being four kids: two girls and two boys. Until John was thirteen years old, all four siblings slept in the same bedroom resulting in John’s super easygoing manner, a guy who can get along with just about anyone in any situation.

Throughout John’s elementary years, he attended Crowley Christian, a small private school. When it was time for high school, he decided he wanted to be a homeschooler with his older sister Nicole. About this time, they both joined the Mammoth Mountain snowboard team, and if the sun was shining, they were at the pipe by 10:30 a.m. If they were sure it was going to be a powder day, they’d get all their schoolwork done the night before, enabling them to get very first tracks on the mountain.

John’s specialty is the park, but he’ll be the first to tell you he enjoys a good pipe just as much. John’s monster part in Torey Piro’s movie Hi-Fi came as quite a surprise to everyone, especially John himself. Prior to the premiere, John was under the impression he had two or three shots somewhere in the middle. But when the curtains rolled up, John was shocked to see that not only did he have the first part, but it was over a minute and a half long. After the showing, John’s smile was so enormous he had a hard time talking.

John is not the only ruler in the family. With the marriage of his sister Nicole to Matt Kass, the Jackson-Kass snowboard tribe was formed. This includes John’s younger brother Eric, who’s been quick to pick up his older brother’s talent; Matt’s younger brother Danny, five-time Amateur National Champion; and ten-year-old Angela Jackson, who will undoubtably be the next Terje.

Aside from snowboarding, John has a full-time job picking up the babes. He is extremely skilled in this area, so if you’re a father, be sure to keep your daughter a good distance away.