Checkout 14.6: Bobi Rey

Name: Bobi (Bo-bee) Rey
Born: August 12, 1977
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Sponsors: Atlantis, Rusty, Von Zipper, GMC, Drake, Northwave, and Reef

Most people think they know Bobi when they first hear his name ’cause they think he was named after tits. But that’s not the case. When people first meet him, he’s kinda quiet and keeps most of his thoughts and gas to himself. But the more you get to know him, the more likely he is to leak out some of the funny experiences he’s had with his friends. Bobi is a super talented snowboarder. He’s always down to do anything as long as it’s 100 percent, whether it’s going on a panty raid or sleeping in the back of his car so we can hit a rail at two in the morning. What I’m trying to say is with his talent and determination, Bobi is someone you should definitely check out.

Patric Heinzle: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I was born in Seattle. My mom raised me, my sister, and a cycloptic cat named Lulu who lost her eye when a horse kicked her. Basically, the things I like doing are skateboarding, surfing, and painting.Out of all your days on the snow, what was your most memorable experience?
It snowed around my house when I was ten. I was destroying my neighbor’s freshly shoveled driveway when he came out, picked me up by my neck, gave me a shake down, and I pissed my bib overalls.How’s your death-metal band?
You mean DarKontinent? Well, besides the fact all of the members can’t really play an instrument, great!What’s that all about?
Pretty much the members of the band are the people I ride with. We all went in on a camper we call the “Sardine Machine,” and it chills up at our home mountain, Snoqualmie. We build sick jibs on it.Where have your travels taken you?
Snowboarding has taken me to Alaska, Chile, Austria, Germany, Italy, and all around Canada and the States.Who do you want to thank?
My mom, my uncle, my girlfriend, Jill, Jimmy Clarke, Scott Downing, Jack at Atlantis, Darren and Jeff at Rusty, Big B at VZ, Todd at GMC, George at Northwave, Aaron at Reef, Torey Piro, Mike Bags, Corey Lake, Brain Harris, J.B. Duece, S.F.J., and DarKontinent.