Check Out Yan Dofin

Name: Yan Dofin

Age: 20

Hometown: Montrà‡al, Quà‡bec

Local Mountain: Mont Avila, Quà‡bec

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 145 pounds

Stance: Goofy. Fifteen degrees front, negative-fifteen rear, and 23.5 -inches wide.

Hook-ups: Rome, TechNine, Westbeach, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Oakley, Grenade, Triple Five Soul, Eesa,, Freestyle, Base, Performance Boardshop, Mont Saint Sauveur

Results: Third place, Streetstatic, Montrà‡al, Quà‡bec

Film: Smell The Glove/Grenade, Frosted Flakes/Sunset Films, Shrediquette/Alterna Films


1. Danny Kass

2. Scotty Arnold

3. Lauri Heiskari

“The street kids in Quebec are fighting for a chance to get noticed. As evidenced from this mean backside lip, Yan Dofin deserves our attention. The kid landed shots in Smell The Glove too-let’s see if he can maintain the momentum.”-Dresser

The grass is always greener on the other side. Top secret urban locale deep in Quebà‡c. Photo: Dom Gauthier