Check Out: Tyler Lepore

At first glance, eighteen-year-old Tyler Lepore could be considered your typical teenager. He is girl-crazy, eats a lot of junk food, is computer literate, and with the exception of soapshoeing, Rollerblading, and skysurfing-he is into all of the usual “X-treme” actives. Graffiti is his preferred artform, and hip-hop is the type of music that he listens to. Tyler’s self-assured attitude is not that unusual for a scroungy little guy of his age, nor is this lack of self-control. However what does makes Tyler different is how unbelievably talented at snowboarding he is.

Tyler was in the fifth grade when he moved to Incline Village, California with mom. The son of his mom’s boss took him snowboarding for the first time that winter, and he has been constantly riding ever since. Contests and traveling were a big part of Tyler’s program last year. He would always rip in practice and qualifiers, but like most kids his age he would geek-it in the finals. This winter, with the continued support of Oakley and Morrow, Tyler will continue to travel and enter even more contests. Hopefully, now that Mr. Lepore has gone through puberty he can start winning them all. If the kids are the future, snowboarding should be thankful for Tyler Lepore.

“Tyler Lepore is a cross between Tanner from The Bad News Bears and LL Cool J. He’s a heavy shred, yo.”-Todd Richards