Check Out: Tyler DeWilde

Tyler DeWilde

Age: 18

From: Bend, Oregon

Sponsors: Burton, Volcom, Oakley

For over two years now, I’ve wondered about the evolution of snowboarders. There’s one in particular, Tyler DeWilde, who deserves attention. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago at his home mountain, Mt. Bachelor. He was introduced to me as the next Terje by a gentleman named Dave Custer. Since then he has been creating a following of fans, including me, who have witnessed his superb talent.

After beating me in a halfpipe competition in the pouring rain, I can attest that Tyler is very competitive. He won with strong airs, huge spins, and the biggest smile on his face due to the simple fact that he loves a good tranny.

Tyler’s assets are his great attitude, smile, and his willingness to produce. I feel kind of sorry for the next generation of snowboarders. Why? Because nobody will be willing to ride or work as hard as Tyler does right now.

-Mike Estes, ex-pro