Check Out Travis Kennedy

Check Out Travis Kennedy

Name: Travis Kennedy

Age: 20

Hometown: Ninilchick, Alaska

Local mountain: Mammoth

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 160 pounds

Stance: Regular. Eighteen degrees front, negative-fifteen rear, and 24 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Forum, Special Blend, DVS, Ambiguous, Grenade, Neff, Jack’s Garage.

Results: Zone One winner at ’04 Red Bull Heavy Metal

Film: Promo Copy/Defective Films


1. Kale Stephens

2. Corey Kronk

3. Nate Bozung

Travis Kennedy didn’t become the “it” kid overnight-he put in time, leaving Alaska at an early age to ride Stowe, Vermont while finishing high school. A move to the West Coast showcased his skill and style to the masses. Travis is a cool kid with the talent and drive to “make it happen.”-Dresser