Check Out: Tommy Czeschin

Of all the nineteen year olds you may know, how many own a laundromat? Well, now you can add Tommy Czeschin to that short list. The place Tommy owns is Plaza Suds in Crowley Lake, California, where you can do a load for a buck. It is not surprising that Tommy spent the last nine years snowboarding, after all he grew up in Croley Lake, a town of about 400, a mere thirteen miles away from Mammoth Mountain. Tommy is the quiet type, so you’ll never hear him bragging about the laundromat, how good he is at snowboarding, his girlfriend Windsor, or his many sponsors (Nidecker, Rusty Apparel, Smith, Northwave, Drake, Mammoth Mountain, Snowcreek Athletic Club, Wave Rave Snowboard Shop, Level, Gravity Skateboards).

When Tommy isn’t cleaning the lint out of the dryer traps, he’s usually out riding his Gravity longboard, playing racquetball at Snowcreek, or skating Nelly’s ramp. On most Sunday nights you can find him at the Lighthouse (a cool young-adults church). Riding at Mammoth Mountain with his friends is what this young entrepreneur loves doing most.-Chris Nelson

Tommy thanks God, his family, his friends, George at Northwave, Jeff at Smith, Snowcreek, and Mammoth Mountain.