Check Out: Shandy Campos

Name: Shandy Campos

Date of Birth: December 25, 1979

Shandy has the hugest balls of anyone I know. If you show him a big jump, he'll jump that shit. For real! Shandy lives in the Slocan Valley, in the heart of British Columbia on the western end of Canada. He is super good at doing extreme lines like his older brother, Shin. Shandy comes across as a mellow dude, then throws down with pedal-to-the-metal rippin'.Ben Davies

Have you finished high school?

Yeah, I'm finished.

Do you have any friends? I don't think you do.

Yeah! The Huffmans, Cartwright, the boys at home, and you and Justin Ben's little bro.

Do you think you're a good shredder?

A shredder? Yeah, I guess I'm okay.

How was Whistler this year?

Good–snowmobiling, new terrain, new friends. It was really fun.

Now what's your plan?

Work all summer. Go to Hood, then back to Whistler to shoot and film, and maybe start to compete.

All right, shout outs?

Thanks to Random, Sessions, Arnette, Tech Nine, and Ripping Giraffe. Shout outs to Mom and family, and my bros for pushing me. Mad props to Shin and The DPM Dead Prime Ministers.

“Ever since Shandy was born that Christmas morning, his passions have been in the mountains. His love of snowboarding and the backcountry reflects where he grew up. Always up for a challenge, and always putting in the extra effort, it's good to see his hard work start to pay off. I'm stoked to see his success and stoked when we get the chance to do a few runs together, which is, sad to say, not so often. He's doing well, and I know there's more to come! Yeah, bro!”–Shin Campos

“At the moment I write this, Shandy is in the Middle-Of-Nowhere, B.C. heli-logging (very hard work and lots of money) so he can snowboard all winter. Shandy knows he will not be fed by a silver spoon, and has to bust ass to fulfill his dreams. At the moment you read this, Shandy is probably doing something hectic on his snowboard and scaring the shit out of his friends because we all thought it was impossible. Ain't nothing gonna hold this kid down!”–Lukas Huffman