Check Out: Scotty Wittlake

Name: Scotty Wittlake

Age: 20

Home: Lake Tahoe, California

Sponsors: Millennium Three, Planet Earth, Oakley, and Tech Nin.

Favorite Mountain: Sugar Bowl

Thanks: The M.R.G., his parents, and God

Four years ago, when I first met Scotty Wittlake, he was a Squaw Valley Academy student. Back then he could be found in the Squaw park or on the mountain somewhere almost every day. He's paid some dues since then.

He graduated high school and began a life of ramen and quick oats. Scotty lived in his car last summer at Mt. Hood; in the winter he lived in a house with no heat on Donner Lake. This lifestyle allowed Scotty to spend a lot more days on the hill, many more than your average teenager. That helped develop his natural talent into one of the best riding styles I can think of. Watch Scotty ride for five minutes, and you know the kid is dope. He's so smooth he looks lazy. He likes to ride the weirdest obstacles, and has a solid bag of killer moves.

This year Scotty got second place in the Vans Triple Crown in the big air at Sierra-at-Tahoe. He has also been filming for the new Kingpin Productions video, The Revival. I'd say his days of ramen and quick oats are coming to an end. Good style and success are not the only benefits the years of scrounging have given Scotty. They have built good character. He is loyal to the friends he came up with, and to his values and beliefs. He appreciates simple things, like a bag of fresh bagels (his favorite–whenever we go on a trip it's the first thing he buys), or a new snowboard. Scotty's one of the most fun people to ride with, and I'm proud to have him as a part of the Millenium Three Team.–Blaise Rosenthal